Privacy Policy

Web Design Bolt holds the privacy of its valued clients in high regard. Consequently, our elementary object is to perpetuate your confidentiality. This declaration addresses any concern users may have about their private information is being protected and utilized.

We strive to make the process of correspondence as seamless as possible for our clients. To top up this benefit, we offer the opportunity to customize the concepts you wish to cooperate in your website. It is made achievable by using online resources for communication along with opening offline avenues to stay in touch with our clientele.

Web Design Bolt holds the privacy of its valued clients in high regard. Consequently, our elementary object is to perpetuate your confidentiality. This declaration addresses any concern users may have about their private information is being protected and utilized.

Web Design Bolt applies caution in managing your insights and doesn’t intend to sell, disclose or share them with any third party.


We have created our privacy policy with the intent of briefing our customers about why we collect their details, when we share them and how we put them to use.

Gathering Personal Information

We collect different important facts and figures for various purposes from its user and valued clients. The breakdown of all the variety of information Web Design Bolt collects from its customers and users are as follows.

Collecting Exclusive Particulars

The range of personal information aggregated is mentioned in the list of particulars below.

Mainstream Remarks and Queries
  1. Name
  2. Email
  3. Logos
  4. Cell/Phone number
  5. City
  6. Address
  7. Country
  8. Business Vendors & Associates
  9. Organization/Company Information
  10. Job Hunters
  11. Support/Emergency Contact Information
  12. Academic Background
  13. Unique Identification Information
  14. Work History
Revision Policy

Web Design Bolt offers the facility of 2 -3 revisions. This service is only exclusive if the root idea of the design does not have to change. Extra revisions will cost an additional amount relying on the value of the undertaking.

Refund Policy

Your approval is what binds us. Hence, when your order is confirmed, the alternative for a refund expires. Instead, the client request for any changes, in addition to the lines, web Design Bolt have the right to cease its services based on violations of its terms or any other purpose.

Criteria for Refund Request
  1. The right to request a refund expires once you request a revision or ratify the original concept.
  2. The client will authorize a complete refund if requested before the delivery.
  3. The client will acquire 60% of the refund if it is requested within 48 hours.
  4. The client will acquire 60% of the refund if it is requested within 48 hours.
  5. The client will acquire 30% of the refund if requested within 48 to 120 hours after dispatch.
  6. The client will not secure a refund for a refund if requested 120 hours after dispatch.
  7. The client will not certify for a refund if he/she remains inactive for a month after placing their order. If the client desires to rectify the situation, he has to pay an additional amount.
  8. The client will not attain a refund when the ultimate package is delivered.
  9. The client will not secure a refund on video animations as the storyboard is composed.
  10. The client will not acquire a refund on website packages as the website is ready for live display.
  11. The criteria of attaining a refund on custom packages are similar to that on single packages.
  12. Web Design Bolt support department will nurture the request for a refund. Affixing to the terms of use, Web Design Bolt holds the right to deny this appeal if the given candidate is found guilty of violating these conditions.
  13. If you place two orders side by side and approve of one, you can obtain a refund on the other package based on the criteria mentioned above.
  14. A refund must be demanded on logical evidence and rational grounds. If the design complements the detail and the limit of revision is reached, the client then no longer qualifies for a refund.
  15. If the client is linked to the association only to claim a refund, it violates the benevolence of the company with its users. Under such circumstances, Web Design Bolt has the right to deny the request for a refund.
  16. Web Design Bolt would highly its users to share their experience promptly. It will enable us to make the required changes before presenting the final designs.
  17. It’s imperative for the customers to copyright their design. If any logo design by Web Design Bolt mirrors the concept of another logo, it will solely be a coincidence. In such a case, the company will not be held accountable for a refund.
How to Claim Your Refund
  1. Toll-Free:
  2. Live Chat Support:
  3. Email:

We will guide the clients’ requests by providing 2-3 revisions. If the client is still not satisfied, our company will go through the application sent for obtaining a refund and inform via email if the request is approved.

Once the refund is granted, you will lose access to the designs delivered by Web Design Bolt.

As you no longer will have rights over the designs are relinquished, you are bound to claim no ownership of it.

It’s legally binding for such clients to not re-use the designs as an original product for other official purposes.

Use of Collected Information
  1. Web User Interference:
  2. We scrutinize the collected details to upgrade and modify the performance of the site.
  3. Evaluation:
  4. We use the relevant data to understand what the client requires from our website.

The department heads ensure your security with efficiency.

Third-Party Sharing

Your details are only shared with another party to fortify the online experience of using our website. Furthermore, third-party sharing allows the strategic needs of the business to be met.

It’s also vital to notice that we share this information with discretion, and no third party is permitted to share this information with any other candidates under any circumstances.

Security of Exclusive Information

Web Design Bolt strives to block away any unwarranted access to your detail to honor the confidentiality of the data you have trusted us with.

Our business utilizes the full potential of HTML5 based e-commerce infrastructure to nurture your security concerns and employs Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certification technology to encrypt the shared information.

The Use of Cookies

Web Design Bolt makes use of cookies to obtain the data relevant to user inclination and demographics. The goal is to maximize the amount of information that our company can utilize to cater to an exceptional user experience.

Cookies are the alphanumeric tools that access the browsers of our customers. It also watches their actions on our website. Altogether, it enlightens our server with the preferences of our clients to them better.

The help tool on our website will enable you to learn more about cookies and how you can deactivate them. We are heavily dependent on the information that is gathered by cookies. Therefore, we would recommend that you allow cookies to operate.

Make Data- Hold Primed Decisions

We want you to make decisions that ensure the growth of your business. Our expert team can assist you to make the best choice for your website design.

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