Competitive SEO Services in the US

In this age of digital market saturation, your brand is three times more likely to disappear in the endless pool of rival brands’ websites and thriving online start-ups.

However, the SEO unit of 25+ marketers and 30+ researchers at Web Design Bolt is here to steer the spotlight of the digital world to your enterprise by:

  • targeting the relevant audiences online
  • boosting your website’s organic discovery
  • skyrocketing your ROI-generation potential

  • Our up-to-date SEO solutions add a competitive edge and visibility to your brand image, garners more leads and create new avenues of digital success.

    Read Our Happy Customer Reviews
    Read Our Happy Customer Reviews
    Read Our Happy Customer Reviews
    Read Our Happy Customer Reviews
    Read Our Happy Customer Reviews


    Client’s Words, not ours!

    If you are skeptical about our word of mouth, hear the praise of our SEO specialists from our happy and satisfied client, Natalie Henderson.

    “I graduated business school and decided to put all my knowledge, skills, and money into my independent clothing store. However with no prior experience in the market nor any technical expertise, I was prepared for colossal failures before my venture truly took off. However, Web Design Bolt turned my pessimistic expectations into an unbelievable reality with their website design and search engine optimization services. Not only did my clientele count turned out to be 87% higher, my website also ranked on the first page of Google! They continuously supported me for 3 months, monitored my website’s ranking and performance, and updated me about any new developments. I highly recommend their personalized and effective services to any sole entrepreneurs out there!”


    Leading SEO Consultants

    In addition to offering personalized services, Web Design Bolt continues to achieve a competitive breakthrough in search engine optimization. Our team of 47+ SEO specialists follows a streamlined process that guarantees the following:


    Always Available


    Practice makes perfect. But, at Web Design Bolt, the audit does the trick! To maintain lasting relations and ensure your brand maintains its popularity on search engines, our dedicated SEO consultants and analysts evaluate the potential of your website against the industry-best SEO standards and practices.

    We begin with a detailed technical analysis of your website to evaluate its load against its capacity. Then we take a bird’s eye view at the structure of your website, the individual performance of each web page, and identify site elements with the potential to generate relevant traffic. The first stage lays the foundation for a more targeted strategy to work!


    An in-depth analysis of buyer persona, preferences, and browsing patterns is fundamental to our search engine optimization process. However, we begin by determining your brand’s identity and objectives for market positioning purposes.

    In this stage, our SEO experts look for phrases relevant to your brand and industry. We narrow down the keywords that match your audiences’ searches and evaluate them on the spectrum of their competitiveness, precision, and efficacy!

    Therefore, the second stage is a comprehensive research-backed process that lays the foundation for the next step of effective planning!


    Our exceptional team of SEO specialists utilizes the information gathered to plan a strategy that boosts your site’s potential for organic discovery and traffic generation.

    Initially, we collaborate with our web design team to identify the inner pages and blogs required on your site to incorporate targeted keywords and common search results.

    Then, we reinforce the technical aspects of our SEO strategy by developing strong backlinks and securing various internet traffic sources.

    Finally, our SEO leads work closely with the content writing department to finalize an optimized keyword strategy, content division, word count, meta descriptions, etc.

    Link building

    Our team of experts specializes in the technical aspects of search engine optimization. Various websites face higher load times, frequent crashes, and 404 errors due to poor site architecture and technical foundation. Web Design Bolt is here to fix that for you!

    We invest heavily in determining your SERPs to make your content accessible to search engines and index your site to achieve top rankings.

    Then, we smoothen bot crawling between web pages with effective internal link building. Furthermore, our meticulous inbound link-building generates relevant traffic from third-party online sources and substantially elevates your rankings.

    We Welcome all Queries and Suggestions

    In addition to discussing your project requirements and expectations, Web Design Bolt maintains a two-way communication channel that values clientele feedback and questions.

    Our customer care team is available 24/7 to hear from you.

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